Plastic Jars Manufacturers

Trusted Plastic Jars Manufacturers Kolkata

Are you looking for transparent, durable and good-quality plastic jars? At Ishaan Plastics Pvt Ltd, we manufacture multipurpose plastic jars of the finest quality. With cutting-edge technology, our company is at the forefront of manufacturing plastic jars. Our diverse range of jars is widely used by businesses in the ghee manufacturing, confectionery, tea, and stationery industries. 

From plastic tea jars to branded ghee jars – you’ll find our plastic jars with reputed brand names on the shelves of every retail shop. Order bulk quantities of plastic jars from us. We have an immense reputation as one of Kolkata’s leading plastic jar manufacturers.

Stationary plastic jars

Our pen jars are sourced from reputed businesses like Linc. We manufacture good-quality pen jars and gold coin jars of different shapes and sizes, which can store up to 50 pens together.

Ghee plastic jars

At Ishaan Plastics, we manufacture from 50 to 6000 ml plastic jars and source them directly from reputed Ghee manufacturers like Mortan Diary, Jharna Ghee, Red Cow Diary, Hindustan Diary and Adya Diary. Our ghee plastic jars are free from defects making it sturdy so it does not fall on the filling conveyor and it keeps the ghee quality intact.

Miscellaneous plastic jars

We manufacture diverse shapes of plastic jars and sell them to different food and packaging companies for chutney, mirchi, spices, and supari packaging. You can get round, square, and hexa-shaped miscellaneous jars from us.

Tea plastic jars

We manufacture 250 ML to 13000 ML long jars designed specifically for packaging tea leaves. Some of our esteemed business partners are Jayshree Tea, Meri Chai, and Vikrama.