About Us

Providing Expert Solutions in Plastic Packaging

Harsh Impex and Ishaan Plastics Private Limited are well-known as leading manufacturers of plastic bottles and jars. Our company has been at the forefront of producing plastic bottles, jars, PP Caps, containers and other packaging solutions. Our company follows an approach where we provide unparalleled service to our clients across the country and abroad. We can cater tailor-made solutions for leading companies across India.

As a company with more than two decades of industrial experience, we have grown exponentially. Currently, we have more than 700 clients across 100 countries. Our company has seen a steady earning of revenues, thanks to our 2000 SKUs across 11 divisions.

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Our Values and Vision As a Brand

As a top-rated company dedicated to providing plastic packaging solutions, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality products and top rated service. We are dedicated towards technical innovation and quality assurance. These elements help us to provide unparalleled support to our customers.

We wish to cement our position as a leader in plastic packaging solutions. We follow a path that proves our dedication to excellence, not hampering the quality of products and service.

Both Harsh Impex and Ishaan Plastics Private Limited believe in being dedicated to constant learning to foster inclusive growth. With a proactive attitude and hunger to do more, we challenge the status quo and always try our best to showcase newer solutions to our clients.

We Never Deflect from Our Values
As a business, the journey of Harsh Impex has been fascinating. Here is a small chronology of how we have grown as a prominent producer of plastic jars, containers and other products.
  • 1999: Our facility was started on an 800 sqft area, with a single blow machine
  • 2005: 6 years of consistent work helped us to establish Ishaan Plastics
  • 2010:  While the facility was expanded into 23000 sqft area in 2005, it grew to 1 lakh sqft this year
  • 2011: We set up a new Product Development Unit with dedicated designers and rapid prototyping machinery
  • 2017:  Harsh Impex and Ishaan Plastics stepped into the e-commerce arena
  • 2019: Our family expanded to three more brands: Homeease, Jalpaan and Cleanspot
  • 2020:  We acquired a 6000 sqft warehouse
  • 2023: As of this year, we have more than 40 machines with a monthly production capacity of 600 tonnes. We also have plans to establish another facility.
Our Board of Directors
Mr Ajay Kumar Poddar

Managing Director of Ishaan Plastics Private Limited

Sanjay Kumar Poddar

Director of Ishaan Plastics Private Limited

Thanks to the leadership of Mr Ajay Kumar Poddar (Managing Director of Ishaan Plastics Private Limited) and Sanjay Kumar Poddar (Director of Ishaan Plastics Private Limited), we have been able to witness constant growth and establish ourselves firmly as a brand.

Why Choose Us?

Our company works on a holistic approach to make ends meet for customers.

As a leading rigid packaging solution, you can bank us on assured rapid delivery and unmatched customer service.

We as a brand, give high importance to technology and integrate it within our organisation wherever possible.

We have a dedicated team for Client Relationship Management.

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We are a prominent business with ISO Registration 9001:2015.