Technologies and Processes

Giving Importance to Modern Technologies

At Harsh Impex and Ishaan Plastics (Private) Limited, we do not underestimate the contribution of modern technology. We know the advanced technological solutions will help us provide quality goods to our clients. Hence, we try to go the extra mile as a plastic bottle manufacturer.

As a large production unit, our process is divided into two broad parts. The initial production stage is known as the Primary process, and the later stage is termed the Secondary or Post molding process. In both stages, our plastic container manufacturers use integrated technological solutions. We will talk more about them in the following section.

pink colour water tank and small container
Technologies Used in Primary Process:
Injection Stretch Blow Molding: To explain in simple terms, ISBM is a procedure for processing hollow objects with rotational symmetry. Polymers are used in this process, as it is a multilevel approach. We have four single-stage ISBM Machines from the ASB brand. They are capable of producing 40 tonnes of goods monthly.
Injection Molding: As the name suggests, this process involves inserting molten material into a specific mold. Though it is performed primarily on metals, the process is also popular in manufacturing plastic containers. At our unit, we have 11 such machines primarily used for manufacturing Preforms and some for closures. They can produce goods of more than 400 tonnes per month.
Blow Molding: In blow molding, a hollow object is blown or inflated to give it a desired shape. We have 23 blow molding machines in our facility, which can produce goods up to 300 tonnes per month.
Technological Solutions in Secondary Process


Once the bottles are manufactured, we go on with its branding. The primary task is printing, which involves foil printing and screen printing.


Heat Shrinking

It is an important packaging process that includes the usage of heat-shrinking machinery of the leading brands.



Thanks to the availability of modern machinery, our assembling process becomes a piece of cake. In this stage, we complete the production process by assembling caps on multiple containers and bottles.



This is the final stage of the secondary process. In this stage, we use modern machinery for labelling, printing stickers and packing the plastic bottles and containers accordingly.

Serious Approach as a Tech-Driven Company in Multiple Processes:

Being one of the leading plastic bottle manufacturers in India, we keep a keen eye on technological updates. We use modern in-house ERP solutions developed by highly skilled professionals to streamline the day-to-day work in our facility. The usage of this upgraded technology has offered various benefits, including:

  • Day to Day Order Processing – Following a Routined Order to Delivery Process
  • Process Monitoring System for Production & Delivery
  • Inventory Management Process and System
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Quality Control 
  • Systematic Vendor Monitoring System

As you can see, we are more than your regular water bottle manufacturing unit. Our specialized approach and modern outlook have kept us a step ahead of our competitors. We wish to deliver you a consistent performance and always satisfy you with our quality product.

In todays world, being a family-run business and incorporating latest systems and technologies to work makes us on top when it comes to smooth business operations. Few concepts incorporated for doing so are –

  1. Bottleneck Leveraging and Exploiting using Theory of constraints concept
  2. Full kitting
  3. Staggered Delivery
  4. FIFO
  5. Max Level of Inventory 
  6. Global Optima 
  7. KRA and KPIs