Confectionery Containers Manufacturers

Durable Confectionery Containers Manufacturers Kolkata

We manufacture premium-grade confectionery containers, which are widely used by companies storing cookies, chocolates, and other edible items. From candy jars to confectionery items, we manufacture the best-quality plastic jars for all confectionery products. We produce durable, robust containers with customised caps to ensure all confectionery items are stored fresh until opened. The jars neck diameter ranges from 53mm to 120mm and cap colours are readily available in red, green, white, black and golden.

We have a group of esteemed business partners who prefer using our confectionery jars to store and sell their items. Some of our esteemed customers are Balaram Mullick, Bancharam, and Elmac.

Why choose us?

We manufacture everything from traditional to designer confectionery jars. Contact us for the best quality confectionery jars.