How To Choose The Right Type of Liquor Bottles for Liquor Packaging?

Liquor bottle Packaging

For distillers, choosing the right type of liquor bottle is challenging. There are generally two choices: glass bottles and plastic bottles. Before selecting a liquor bottle, the distiller needs to check the durability, material quality, design, and capping requirements. By getting in touch with reputed liquor bottle manufacturers in Kolkata, distillers can get the finest quality bottles of different shapes and sizes suitable for different wine and liquor packaging.

Here’s a guide to help the distillers choose the perfect bottles for their liquor packaging.

4 points to keep in mind while choosing a liquor bottle

Align the bottle type with the brand identity: Before selecting a bottle, you need to define your brand’s identity. Is your liquor brand positioned for the premium segment of buyers? Then, sleek and sophisticated bottle designs for packaging and promotion of the liquor would be best.

Again, distillers with causal branding requirements choose simple Alfa and Kidney bottles for liquor packaging.

Choose durable material: The quality of the liquor bottle is important. Glass is a common material used for premium shelf spirits. Glass bottles are durable and offer extended shelf lives. In terms of aesthetics, they are sleeker compared to plastic variants.

However, plastic liquor bottles are a popular choice because of their durability. They can be easily shipped and stocked without the risk of being damaged in transit. Again, for distillers looking for affordable, smaller-sized bottles for liquor packaging, plastic bottles are a feasible option.

Choose variant-sized bottle options: Liquor bottles are available in different sizes. Liquor store dealers must select the size of the bottles according to the type of liquor they are planning to sell. From miniature, quarter-pint, and standard bottles to double magnum and rehoboam, you can choose from several bottle sizes.

For instance, if you’re planning to package Vodka, you need to stock standard sized bottles. On the other hand for whiskey, pint, halt litre, litre, magnum, and splits are used for packaging.

Choose caps wisely: Liquor bottle caps are an essential component that keeps the bottle leak proof and restores the quality of the liquor stored in the same. Hence, while selecting the bottles, the distillers also check the type of cap that is attached to the bottle. While the screw caps are easy to open and are popularly used, the traditional corks are preferred for wine and spirit bottles.

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