For businesses seeking good quality and reliable packaging solutions, finding a reliable PET bottle manufacturer is essential. When you venture into the local market of Kolkata, you’ll come across many pet bottle manufacturers in Kolkata. You’ll be puzzled by the unending options. However, if you keep a few things in mind, you can easily find a reliable manufacturer offering good quality PET bottles for your packaging purposes.

Things to consider before selecting a PET bottle manufacturer in Kolkata

Research and find the names of PET manufacturers

Start by researching the potential PET bottle manufacturers in Kolkata. Make a list of the names and start checking their ratings, track record, partnerships, industry associations, and the type of PET bottles that they manufacture.

You should also check valid certifications, such as a BIS certificate, GST registration, and factory licence, before selecting a PET bottle manufacturer.

Acknowledge your packaging requirements

What kind of PET bottle do you need for your packaging business? Determine the volume, size, type of plastic, capping specifications, and design specifications before you select a PET manufacturer. Depending on your needs, you need to check the manufacturer’s product specifications and make the selection accordingly.

Choose a sustainable and quality manufacturer

Look for PET Manufacturers who prioritise sustainability and quality above everything else. Before choosing the manufacturer, check ISO certifications to ensure complete quality assurance for the PET bottles.

A good manufacturer should have a robust quality control team and use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Before you finalise the manufacturer, check the primary technologies like injection stretch blow moulding, injection molding and blow molding for the PET bottle manufacturing process.

Check the manufacturing capabilities

Is the manufacturer able to meet your bulk demand? As a company in the packaging industry, bulk orders are a common requirement. Before you finalise the company, check its manufacturing capabilities. They should have a day-to-day order processing system, systematic vendor monitoring system, inventory management process, and system to provide customers with bulk production.

Consider collaborative partnerships

It is important to select a manufacturer who prioritises long-term business partnerships. Choose a manufacturer who will work closely with all your business needs and maintain a transparent pricing policy. The manufacturer should also be able to deliver customised solutions to meet your packaging needs.

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